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  • Book of Revelation

    by Dr. Daniel Lancaster 0 Lessons in

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Apocalypse of John presents a Messianic Jewish Vision from the Book of the Revelation explaining the apocalyptic imagery of the book of Revelation while challenging believers to live for the kingdom today. Discover the historical context behind the Book of the Revelation, and learn to decipher the riddles of The Apocalypse. More than […]

  • Biblical Feasts

    by Cal Goldberg 0 Lessons in

    This course examines the Biblical feasts and describes and how they point to our salvation and what we must do to appropriate God’s plan of redemption.

  • Salvation and the Body of Messiah

    by Ray Gannon 0 Lessons in

    Explore the nature of the New Covenant with Israel and the nations, in light of apostolic teaching and the ministry and gifts of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

  • Messianic Understanding of the Book of Hebrews

    by Marvin Kramer 0 Lessons in

    Course Outline: In this course you will take an in depth look at the majesty, ministry and the ministers of the Messiah from a Messianic Jewish perspective. We will look at how the author of Hebrews skillfully weaves the many truths of the Tanakh (Old Testament) bringing them together in order to paint a cohesive […]

  • Matthew Commentary

    by Barney Kasdan 0 Lessons in

    Course Outline: If you’ve ever wanted to get to know Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, the Good News of Matthew is the best place to start. Yet, few commentators are able to truly present Yeshua in His Jewish context. Most don’t understand His background, His family, even His religion, and consequently really don’t understand who He really is. That may sound strange, […]