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CMJI is a center for learning and leadership grounded in the Hebraic roots of Scripture while true to New Covenant faith. It is an educational project of the CMJC (Council of Messianic Jewish Congregations) of Alberta. We exist to engage members of the global body of Messiah in order to reach Jewish people with the Gospel, to enrich the Body of Messiah with Messianic Jewish understanding of the Scriptures and to empower a future generation of leaders for congregational leadership and ministries within the global Jewish community. Make CMJI your hub for learning and leadership training grounded in the Hebraic roots of Scripture while remaining true to New Covenant faith.


One of the greatest needs within the Messianic movement in Canada and around the world is to empower and equip the present and next generation of Messianic believers for leadership. Our vision is to establish a reputable Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Canada with the goal of offering high quality courses to the global Messianic Community, to educate the church about the Jewish roots of New Covenant faith and to provide opportunity for believers to be trained, equipped and qualified to give leadership in Messianic congregations and ministries among the global Jewish community.


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Our Team

Dr. Aaron Eime


Peter Fast, MA


Marvin Kramer


Dr. Ray Gannon



“Pathways: Powered by Rocky Mountain College” was launched at the beginning of 2015 as a new model for Rocky Mountain College (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Based on a “distributed learning model”, Pathways enables the College to provide academic courses and training online to students anywhere in the world.