Shalom! שלום

Gospel in the Tabernacle

Course Outline:

This course examines the Construction of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) in the Wilderness and the Spiritual Life and walk revealed in its construction though materials, numbers, colors, garments and furnishings. The Tabernacle takes us on a journey from being a sinner outside the promises of God, salvation through a substitutionary sacrifice, the punishment for sin, cleansing in water, and worship through instruments and singing. This journey will move from the Court Yard into the Holy Place to find protection, instruction through the word, prayer, intercession, and service as a light to the World.  We will then enter into the Holy of Holies and explore the personal encounter and renewal in the throne room of God exploring the benefits inside the Ark of the Covenant. Our final steps will be to dismantle the tabernacle and move forward with Adonai.

Course Teacher: Rabbi Sydney Speakman

Sidney has been preaching the gospel of Yeshua as the Messiah for 50 years.  Sidney and Linda have been in the planting of Messianic Jewish congregations for 25 years and have founded 3 congregations. One in the US, one in Israel and one in Canada.  They lived in Israel for 18 years and were forced to leave by the government.  While in Israel they ministered to Jews, Chinese, Romanians, Polish and Bulgarians from these efforts they have seen over 800 people come to faith in Messiah in Israel.  After returning to Canada in 2007 they have founded the Joyful House of Prayer congregation in Lethbridge, Alberta.  They also travel to Ethiopia and Zimbabwe with Jewish Voice Ministries and through this outreach have seen more that 100 people come to faith in Messiah Yeshua and about the same number of manifest healings.

This course has been offered in-person at Joyful House of Prayer Congregation in Lethbridge in November 2014