Shalom! שלום

Pauline Epistles

Course Outline:

The letters of Paul are the earliest texts in the Christian scriptures, written by a Jew at a time when the word “Christian” hadn’t yet been coined. What is the religious and political context into which they emerged? How were they first interpreted? How and why do they make such an enormous impact in Christian-Messianic Jewish communities and in politics today?

Course Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Feinberg

Dr. Feinberg received his PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Theological Education. He’s been a leader of congregation Etz Chaim, Buffalo, NY, and has served as the Midwest Regional Director of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. Dr. Feinberg authored several books and articles including Walk Genesis! A Messianic Jewish Devotional Commentary for Readers of the Torah, Haftarah, and B’rit Chadasha, “A Messianic Jewish Reading Cycle”, Walk Exodus!, Walk Leviticus!, Walk Numbers!, and Walk Deuteronomy!

He is currently an Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Duncanville, TX, specializing in Hebrew Exegesis for Translators, Old and New Testament Survey.


This course has been offered in-person at Beth Shechinah Congregation in Calgary, in May 2013.