Shalom! שלום

Historical Books 1

Course Description:

Few nations have experienced such blessing as Israel. This course follows the journey of the people of Israel, in Joshua, Judges, Ruth and their settled life under the united monarchy of Saul, David and Solomon. We will follow the journey of the nation of Israel as they cross the Jordan, overtake and allocate the land of Canaan and subsequently fall into the repeated cycle of sin and repentance. We will address the question as to why Israel asked for a king like unto the nations.
Throughout the course we will explore key events in Israel’s early history and the ministries of significant judges and we will also examine the success and failures of Saul, David and Solomon. Special emphasis will be placed on theological truth and practical application as it relates to a Messianic faith and lifestyle.
• Israel enters, conquers and allots the land
• Claiming the promises
• Cycle of sin, oppression and anarchy
• Overview of Ruth
• The life of Samuel
• Israel wants a king
• The rise and decline of king Saul
• The rise of king David
• David’s sin and restoration
• Solomon’s reign
Course Teacher: Joshua Teitelbaum Munan
Joshua Munan came to know the Lord in 1980 while a student in University.  Joshua has served in ministry for over 15 years.  Some of his ministry experience includes teaching Bible and Theology at Millar College and serving as Assistant Congregational Leader at Beth Shechinah Congregation in Calgary.  He is presently adjunct faculty with Prairie College and is also Pastor of Carbon Valley Community Church.  Over the last 7 years the Lord has led Joshua back to his Jewish heritage and he is grateful to the Lord for this re-awakening.  He is married to Karen and has two sons and a daughter.
This course has been offered in-person at Beth Shechinah Congregation in March 2016.